A thrilling night

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Our cognitive biases are obstacles to joint climate action to protect our future.

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Your body’s response to a natural sensation

How I identified FOMO as my main source of anxiety.

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New Years Resolutions

What it teaches me and what it could be teaching you.

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  • Improving myself on content producing. Gaining some consistency, acquiring some healthy productivity habits, and keep having fun.
  • Staying on track for my online formation to become an artificial intelligence engineer.
  • Improving my physical health by sticking to my acid-reflux friendly diet. Lose those extra pounds I need to lose.
  • Keep working on my mental health with my shrink to tackle my anxiety. That means finding ways not to freak out when I’m not alone and improving my social anxiety.
  • Trying to strengthen my relationship…

Neuroscience-based habits that will get you out of the vain search for desire satisfaction and make you feel fulfilled.

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The Neurosciences behind happiness and why you can’t go from King of the world to absolute zero if you don’t understand it.

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A guide to better understanding the productive brain through neurosciences and unleash your potential

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Cheshire Chaton

Learnaholic: Data. Psychology. Cognition. Neurosciences. Improvement. | Environmental Economist | | In reconversion towards AI |

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